Pathway intake grows to meet partnership demand

By 23 December 2021 No Comments

As 2021 draws to an end, the Specsavers Pathway team pauses to celebrate a successful year. The Pathway program reached an extraordinary milestone, far exceeding fifty per cent of Specsavers’ stores run by Pathway graduates.

Pathway has now seen 427 clinical and retail professionals graduate from the program. As a result of these impressive numbers, the Pathway team have increased the yearly intake of three to four in 2022 to build on this momentum. 

The program offers our senior team members an opportunity to undergo training within a world-class leadership program. It seeks to fulfil our ever-increasing demand for Pathway graduated partners within our stores. 

Our future partners are taken through a demanding six-month program to equip them with the skills and knowledge across our five key capabilities to become the next leaders of our talented teams. Participants are required to demonstrate their abilities to self-develop, effectively manage change, lead and influence teams, practice financial acumen, and champion store performance. 

Upon completing the program, Pathway graduates embark on the next step of their journey to partnership aligning to the multitude of opportunities with Specsavers Joint Venture Partnerships (JVPs). 

In the conclusion of our final assessments for our largest Pathway group and our last cohort of 2021, professionals in intake 31 have commenced their journey to partnership with many already securing Australian and New Zealand Specsavers’ store opportunities. 

If you would like to make that next leap with your career as an instore team member towards realising your dream of owning your own Specsavers’ practice, please reach out to the Pathway team or  Alternatively, you can view information on the program at