Can anyone join Pathway?

Pathway is the leadership and development program for Specsavers optical professionals.

If you’re a non-Specsavers optical professional interested in becoming a Specsavers joint venture partner, learn more about how you can join us.

If you’re a retail leader with no optics experience interested in leading a Specsavers store, learn more about the Partner In Development program.

How much does Pathway cost?

Pathway is available to Specsavers employees at no-cost.

How much time will I have to commit to the program?

Pathway is a six-month intensive course, you will also be required to dedicate time towards completing a number of in-store implementation activities designed to enhance your learning, as well as towards a Pathway Project, chosen by you to allow you to test and practice your new business and leadership skills.

Where does training take place?

Pathway currently operates in a hybrid delivery model, allowing for a blend of in-person and virtual forums.

Any travel or accommodation required to attend any in-person events or modules will be communicated and organised by the Pathway team.

When is the next Pathway intake?

Pathway intakes occur quarterly throughout the year. More information on our intake schedule and dates can be found in the table linked below. We encourage you to express your interest at any time during the year. The Pathway team will contact you to discuss the next available intake to suit your individual circumstances.

What partnership opportunities are available?

You can find a list of all current Specsavers partnership opportunities, as well as our Partnership Prospectus, on Spectrum. Over the course of your Pathway journey, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your business preferences with the Specsavers Partner Recruitment team, who will look out for suitable opportunities that align with your business interests.

What happens if I join the program and then decide it isn’t for me?

Pathway is an opportunity for you to develop yourself as a future Joint Venture Partner. Whilst we do encourage you to think the prospect of Pathway through prior to making the commitment, we also understand that it might not be right for everybody. Therefore, if you feel you do not wish to continue, or if we feel it is in your best interests for you to take a break from Pathway, you are under no obligation to complete the program.

Still have a question?

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Still have a question?

Reach out to us!

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