Learning Journey

Through four core modules and an in-store project, Pathway provides you with the critical business management and leadership skills you need to succeed in leading your own Specsavers business.



Before beginning to understand the techniques involved in successfully leading others, it is important to begin with effective self-leadership, and this module is all about you. We will take you through a variety of concepts that encourage both self-understanding and development to set you up for success in your Pathway journey.


Leading others and teams is both a highly rewarding, enriching experience that does on occasion present challenges. The key focus of this module is to set you up for success with all the skills and knowledge you need to confidently lead your team’s growth, whilst also eliminating any challenges you may face along the way. The topics covered include building high performing teams, managing performance, giving feedback, and handling difficult conversations for positive outcomes.

Commercial Impact & Creating Change

The leading commercially module opens with a full day learning the key financial principal’s essential to leading any successful business. Once you have obtained knowledge in the fundamental financial areas, we then take you through how to interpret the financial information provided to you as a store partner and how to utilise it to maintain business growth. The topics covered include, profit and loss, balance sheets. debtors and banking reports. We will also take you through how to understand and plan for positive change.

Module Four – Operational Excellence

This module covers all the key information on best practice, customer journey and operations in addition to insights on life as a Specsavers Joint Venture Partner.

Additional Development Activities

Implementation Activities

A number of activities will take place outside of the module training to support your learning, allow you to consolidate your knowledge, and provide you with opportunities to apply and practice your new skills.

Learner Journal

As part of your Pathway journey, you will work on a learner journal made up of your learning and implementation of leadership practice. At the end of the program this will form part of your final assessment.

Final Assessment

The final stage of Pathway is an assessment to evaluate your level of development and to identify suitable timelines for your progression into partnership. You will present your learning journey to a panel of key Specsavers Support team members to demonstrate what you have learned from the program as well as your capability as a leader. In addition, the final assessment involves a financial awareness test, a business planning activity, and a role play of a difficult conversation.


Upon completion of Pathway, you will:
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the Specsavers business, our values and culture
  • Have knowledge and skill to lead great customer experiences within your business environment
  • Identify your personal leadership preferences
  • Develop your own coaching style to grow and lead your team
  • Ability to handle difficult conversations to reach desired outcomes
  • Have the skills and knowledge to effectively plan and implement change
  • Understand profit and loss accounts and how to analyse a store’s financial performance
  • Have the knowledge to run the Specsavers business model and achieve commercial success
  • Be considered for upcoming Specsavers Joint Venture Partnership opportunities

Pathway Plus

Pathway Plus is the next phase of the development journey for Pathway graduates while they await a suitable Specsavers partnership opportunity. The program offers workshops and other initiatives to further enhance their leadership skills and commercial acumen, preparing them for business ownership.

Pathway Plus marks the beginning of a Pathway graduate’s partner induction, and sets them up for success for when they become partners in their own stores.

Ready to take the next step towards Specsavers partnership?