Welcome to Pathway

The development program for aspiring Joint Venture Partners.

Pathway is a free, intensive course that develops and prepares you to become a JVP – it takes seven months. At the completion of the program candidates sit an assessment that will require them to demonstrate their learnings from the four core modules.

Course Modules

Module 1. Induction, Culture & Brand / Connected Leadership

Module 1
Our Vision and Values are at the heart of everything we do, and are a vital part of what makes Specsavers special. Here we look at what it means to have “Green Blood” and how you inspire that same passion in those around you.

Connected leadership is much more about emotional intelligence and emotional capital than it is about knowledge and process. An effective Specsavers leader demonstrates personal strengths and abilities that come from within, that come from a desire to connect with teams, individuals and customers.

Module 2. Commercial Awareness & Leading Financial Improvement

Module 2
A key element for any future partner is an understanding of how profit is driven within store.

This module helps you to examine how financially and business aware you are. Do you understand the performance of your store and team well enough to analyse results and drive improvement?

This section will concentrate on your ability to lead business initiatives to drive sales and how to manage costs and maximise the return on your expenditure. You will explore your ability to plan and work with the team to influence improved financial performance. It will encourage you to consider how you communicate results to the team and include the use of business planning and financial tools.

Module 3. Managing People & Performance / Building High Performing Teams

Module 3
This section is about how you support staff to be the very best they can be. Consider how well you communicate to those around you, and how often you take the time to acknowledge, reward or praise success – no matter how small. This also covers your ability to address and manage under-performance in a supportive and effective manner, driving results whilst maintaining relationships.

The role of the modern business leader is to maximise the potential of those around them, to give them purpose and meaning and to allow them to be the best that they can be. The very best retail stores don’t just have good teams they have great high performing teams that succeed – no matter what challenges they face.

Module 4. Driving Service Excellence / Influential Teams

If the vision and values provide the Green Blood of our business, then our customers provide the lifeblood. It goes without saying that without them, we wouldn’t have a business.

This section allows you to analyse just how customer centric you really are, and whether you take time to consider if you are putting the customer first.

Results are a critical part of how effective your store is. This section helps you focus on the role you play in being part of an effective team.

Presentation Skills Workshop & Final Assessment

Presentation Skills Workshop

This one-day workshop will prepare you for your upcoming project presentation (as part of your final assessment).

Throughout the Pathway program, you will deliver a project back in store. This project is designed to consolidate your learnings and test your capability to drive performance in a Specsavers business. You will need to consider the key elements of the program – the culture of the store, the leadership that you will exercise and key financial indicators that will measure success.

This workshop takes place straight after Module 4 and will cover the following:

Project Report

  • Format and Design
  • Structure – using STAR to write with impact
  • Language and Style

Project Presentation

  • Presentation and Structure
  • Owning the space
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Dos and don’ts of Powerpoint

Final Assessment

The final stage of the Pathway program is a full assessment designed to gauge candidates’ suitability and ascertain partner-ready status. The final assessment is built on the foundation of the four Pathway learning modules and is linked to Specsavers’ vision, values and behaviours.

Candidates are required to display their learnings from the program and demonstrate their capability as leaders by holding a presentation on their project in front of a panel of Specsavers team members.

The project will be accompanied by a 3,000 – 5,000 word project report, which will be submitted to the Pathway faculty two weeks prior to the day. In addition, candidates will be completing an open-book exercise testing financial awareness, a SWOT analysis on a case study as well as perform a difficult conversation.

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