Wai Choong Lok

Wai started his Specsavers journey as a Graduate where he progressed through to the Pathway program. Yesterday Wai celebrated the opening of the brand new Carnes Hill store in New South Wales where he is the Optometrist Partner .

To read more about Wai’s journey please see below:

Why did you choose to join Specsavers as a graduate?

During the time I was in university, Specsavers entered the Australian market. Suddenly they were on TVs and stores started popping up everywhere. I was curious to know what this green empire is all about. I chose Specsavers because they had a mentorship program and because they seemed most interested in my development.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your experience in the Graduate Program?

The grad program gave me the freedom to develop and hone my skills at my own pace. I was given ample time to test initially and I wasn’t pressured to cut down on my testing time, I improved with time management as I progressed through the guidance of my mentor. It was great to learn from a mentor that has been doing it for years and learning all the clinical pearls.

What interested you in partnership?            

I’ve always been interested in one day owning my business so partnership was always on my mind. I am very ambitious and I want to know everything about the business so naturally the next progression for me would be partnership.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your experience with Pathway?

Pathway opened me up on how to be a business leader, developed the entrepreneurial spirit and moved me from being an employee to a leader. It taught me financial benchmarks and business planning, leadership & developing a team.


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